Løgnen om demonstrasjonene mot Donald Trump

I den politisk korrekte pressen vises det nå bilder av hvordan demonstranter nå har tatt til gatene i kjølevannet av Trumps valgseier.

I den politisk korrekte pressen fremstilles demonstrantene som vanlige amerikanere, men faktum er at demonstrasjonene består av diverse venstreekstreme grupperinger og ulovlige innvandrere.

Dette er sannheten norsk presse ikke vil fortelle og dermed fortsetter den politisk korrekte pressens løgner til det norske folk.


One thought on “Løgnen om demonstrasjonene mot Donald Trump

  1. Richard Sarabia I’ve stayed quiet for the last 48 hours to watch as things unfold. As you know I am an avid and relentless Trump supporter and have always been since day 1. I am a Mexican American with immigrant parents and my unshaken love for Trump and this country should make you question all the racist allegations everyone is making about him. This country was founded by Judeo-Christian ideals and protected by the constitution under God. I also voted for Obama, twice. Each time I’ve watched how he promised change and how his eloquence captured me and the rest of the country. Each time he failed me. Instead of protecting the citizens after a terrorist attack he would refuse to even label what it was and tried to blame us as Americans for it, stating «workplace violence» or «an isolated incident». I watched our jobs being poured out of his country into Mexico and China. I watched the patriotism of this country dwindle to close to nothing. It’s almost as if being proud to be American made you a bad, racist person. I watched the government take away our rights and impose new regulations to control us. I watched our country’s infrastructure crumble. LAX looks like a third world country. I watched how shootings and riots become the norm in everyday news and I even considered moving to Vancouver, a city which has surpassed LA by far in its infrastructure and technology.

    Then Trump came. He offered solutions to all of my problems and the problems of the rest of the country. He talked about things that mattered most to us, solutions to problems we suffer with on a daily basis and most importantly, he was a voice to all of us who were tired of being used by the government. Yes, he is not politically correct but that’s what we love about him. He is unfiltered, raw and has a love for America that parallels many of us Americans who just want the American dream back. He started a movement. With 1/5 of the monetary budget of Clinton and his own funding, he pushed through with the support of only the American people. He was not bought by foreign entities and he was able to say it how it is. The liberal media and government had a field day. They now had to discuss issues that they wanted to keep hush. So they attacked him and tried to silence him. But they couldn’t silence the people. Trump was and is a voice of the people.

    Trump was elected by America and although it would feel amazing to gloat right now, that won’t accomplish anything. After all, all I want is a great America just like everyone else. Trump is our only hope. Everyone rioting and burning flags are the Obama and Clinton loving liberals who can’t accept anyone else’s views other than their own. But we will move forward with Trump and this country will be great again. So you have two choices- give the man and a chance and get aboard this high speed train of patriotism, love and greatness or get off and go back to carrying your Mexican flags and maybe move to Mexico. See how much better it is there.

    I will always love America. I love Trump. And I will not be bullied by anyone from the establishment. America first!!!!!
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